The one week wizard (closedingirl) wrote in dish_bitch,
The one week wizard

New here and haven't gotten the hang of making layouts yet, so I have have a

This is an old diaryland template of mine and I'm wondering if someone could code it for LJ. HEre's what it looked like

Style you would like to use: Probably Generator.

Title: Not so innocent

Background Image:

Background Image Near the top.

background color: black

background scroll: Black background with the header.

Scrollbar Colors:D98EA8
scrollbar-base-color: 9C5263
scrollbar-track-color: D98EA8
scrollbar-face-color: 9C5263
scrollbar-highlight-color: D98EA8
scrollbar-3dlight-color: 9C5263
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: D98EA8
scrollbar-shadow-color: 9C5263
scrollbar-arrow-color: D98EA8

Font Courier

Font size 12

Font color 9C5263

Cursor: no effects

link colors D98EA8

link effects: no effects

entry table: Box .

entry table color black

entry alignment: middle

entry opacity: solid

entry border type: Dashed

entry border size: 2

border color: 9C5263

Comment links: default

images between comment links: none

Number of entries per page choose from 20

screen resolution: 1024x768

e-mail address:

If there's something I didn't explain correctly, please let me know.
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