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First off I would like to say sorry to those of you that have requested a layout/help. I haven't been in the mood to get around to them and if that seems unfair, sorry tough cookies, it's my community and I'm the only one making all of these layouts. I went not 5 minutes ago to start on one of the layouts and my computer had a heart attack. Everything froze up, I'm not sure why and now it's taking forever to get anything to work properly.

All three of you [ stults_heaven19 - rahlala - gretch988 ] I'm sorry but I won't be getting to your requests until JANUARY 3-8 2005. If this is too much of an inconvience to you and you would like to request somewhere else. Please feel free but PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I would rather not spend my time making an override for someone who's gotten it somewhere else now.

Thakns for understanding


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hi! my names Gretchen... I was wondering if I could get any help from you with making my journal look something like this. Im sorry if Im wasting your time... but I just would like to have the overrides so I can play around with it and adjust it to my liking. not the background or even the colors really, just the basic layout of her entries, etc. Let me know if I need to specify any furthur, and thanks for your time!