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dishBITCHdesigns is ON A SHORT HIATUS check back later

made by jaymzalexander
dishBITCHdesigns is Love for Overrides

The form bellow was taken and slightly edited by myself from request_layout

Every community has rules, and this one is no exception.
If you post a request in this community. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS POST IT. If I see that it has been cross-posted, I won't do the overrides.
I will comment on every entry once I start with the overrides, this is just to let you know that I have seen the entry and I am working on it. So don't post asking when it will be finished.
Please put a banner/button up in your userinfo, even if it's just for a week. The more people that request overrides, the more things I have to do during the day.
You MUST be a member to request a layout. I will not accept requests made in comments, or requests e-mailed to me, or posted in my personal journal.
Use a livejournal cut when posting the request form, if you don't know how to do that click HERE
Be polite. To other users/to myself/ and any future mods.
Please promote the community when you can. But do NOT promote it in another community if it is not okay there.
All overrides should be used on LIVEJOURNAL. If they are going to be used on another journal site PLEASE let me know which one, and maybe put up a button linking back here so others will request.


Click HERE for the Request Form.
Got your overrides but not sure what to do next? Click here for an easy to follow 6 step tutorial.
Don't know how to make a post in a community? Click Here
To put a button for dishBITCHdesigns in your userinfo click HERE

When filling out the request form. Please, please, please do not put 'Whatever you think will look best' or something
along those lines. It's a bit annoying, that's why the request form is there, for you to put what you're looking for in a layout.
Also, please try and avoid using an AOL e-mail address, more and more community members are
not getting the e-mails I send with their overrides because AOL is marking my '@rogers.com' address as spam.
So whenever possile please use a hotmail, yahoo, mail.com addy.
If I comment on your entry, when commenting back to me, make sure you click on the 'REPLY TO THIS COMMENT' link,
otherwise I don't get an e-mail notification of the comment and I forget about it.
Another thing to avoid ... asking me to either create or manipulate graphics for you
that isn't what this community is for, nor is it something I am particularily
good at. Take those sort of requests to bkground_reqst. Then come back
here and I'll do the overrides for you.
Biggest thing probably, calling me a girl or a she when referring to me...
I'm a guy, a gay guy, but a guy none the less. Please don't call me a 'she' I can't blame any of you since
you didn't know.

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